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At Velox, our mission is to put a new standard in the staffing market. We are firm in our resolve to build a solid staffing agency based on the highest values. Knowing that every employee of Velox team shares these values is our first priority. We would like to be the best partner for your staffing needs, and the only way we can achieve this success is to be very honest with our commitments and to the values we keep. We came in the business with the mission of being the most trusted source provider for quality people and innovative staffing solutions..

The director started the operation of Velox on the basis of some key values which are still the central part of our firm.



Velox ensures that its adherence to moral and ethical principles will always remain undiminished. We aspire to provide total quality assurance in all we do. We strive to make sure that our employees follow the uppermost level of honesty and integrity. We believe in equity among all individuals associated with Velox. We give equal opportunity to all our candidates and select the one that best fits your staffing needs.




Knowledgeable and skilled workers are a cornerstone of every successful business. With more than a decade of experience, we have highly knowledgeable staff to advise both our clients and our candidates. Through regular training and industry updates we remain up to date, and we endeavor to consider new ideas and to constantly improve in providing ultimate staffing solutions to our clients.




Velox believes that our clients and candidates are people, not numbers. Our main priority is to help our clients find the best possible staffing solution with every resource on our side. We listen to our clients to learn their needs and we find the best ways to meet these needs. Velox always believes in building healthy and strong long-term business relationships with both our clients and our candidates, and we strive to provide staff that are best suited to our clients’ business needs.




Professional workplace behavior is essential for the long-term success of any business, and that is what Velox has always believed in. We act professionally at all times and never compromise on quality and standards. We always assist our clients in finding reliable and competent temporary staff to increase their bottom line.



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