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A company’s performance can be increased by finding the right employees. Working with our clients to solve their staffing problems in a cost effective manner has proven this to be true. We are not just an employment agency, but a full service staffing solutions provider specializing in recruiting and placement of temporary workers. We understand the needs of our clients and the consequences of having the wrong person in a significant position. Attracting talent has always been a complex and challenging job for employers. This is where we step in, allowing you to focus on your business while we fulfill your staffing needs in a cost effective manner.

Whether you are seeking employment or are hoping to fill a job opening, we will invest the time to meet you and truly understand your needs so we can find the optimum solution. We are certain that, once you see how Velox works, it will be the beginning of a dependable and remunerating relationship for a considerable length of time to come.

  • Why Velox?

    Throughout the hiring process and afterwards, our recruiters are committed to ensure that you have the right candidates for your business needs. Velox will be there for you from the start of the staffing process through the end and even after the placement is done. Velox highly believes in providing pre and post services to both our clients and our candidates.

    A vital element of being a world-class organization is having world-class workers. Numerous key individuals have been a part of our staff from the beginning and numerous others have come to us from major corporations. Velox takes pride in the incredible abilities it finds and cultivates.

  • Integrity

    Velox believes in integrity, which is why Velox is honest with everyone and has moral principles. At Velox, we strive to ensure that we encourage, support and empower every individual to adhere to the finest work ethics and be fair in providing best staffing solutions to our clients, which can help us to achieve our mission to be one of the best staffing agencies in Canada.

  • Knowledge

    Velox believes that one of the KEYs to success of any business is knowledge, because Knowledge Empowers You. We must understand our clients’ requirements and respond quickly to their needs to achieve our mission. We always strive to perform beyond the expectations of our clients to fulfill their staffing needs through specialized knowledge and well-trained staff.

  • Relationship

    Building strong and long-term business relationships is one of the foremost priorities of Velox. We strive for brilliance in all we do, and we build healthy long-term relationships with our clients and candidates by providing them with the best staffing solutions for their businesses.

  • Professionalism

    Professional workplace behavior is essential for the long-term success of any business, and that is what Velox has always believed in. We allow every individual to interact, and to maintain the finest work ethics and convictions. We encourage innovative and creative thinking in a professional manner that will better enable us to reduce costs while also attracting new talent for hard-to-fill positions.

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